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MyWays Career Personality test can help you understand your core traits, enabling better decision making. Whether you're a college student or an experienced professional, personality insights can help you in identifying your natural inclination and how you can make the most of your career.
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Why use Personality Career personality test is beneficial for both college students and employees. Some of the possible learnings of the report include:
Why Career personality test offers a plethora of multi-faceted benefits for both college students and employees. Some of the possible learnings of the report include:
How to answer strengths and weakness question in interviews
Identifying your core needs and wants from the workplace
How to be aware of your orientation and behaviour towards your career
Getting personalised interview tips and workplace orientation suggestions
Understand your core traits and how they affect your communication & problem-solving styles
Discovering your preferred working style and how to adapt to different environments
What you’ll get from MyWays Career Personality Test After the assessment you can expect information on following aspects of your personality
What you’ll get from MyWays Career Personality Test After the assessment you can expect information on following aspects of your personality
Core Personality Traits
This section will help you in identifying your key internal and external strengths as well as difficulties. Additionally knowing your key motivations, areas of focus along with basic fears and challenges can prove to be a game changer!
Workplace Fit
By reducing 56% of your cost & maximising efficiency, , the platform provides a data backed and structured layer to your hiring and training processes
Working Style
There are various working styles and work orientations, knowledge of which is crucial to select the right career for yourself. This section will give you insights based on how much you score on each style.
Here is what freshers think about the assessment
”Our core motives and aspirations don't really change much with time, so to identify them and pursue them from the beginning itself can be very beneficial”
Kahkashan Mir
”Through the assessment I got to know my nature and how knowing myself will help me take good decisions, both in life and career”
Kajol Gehlot
”Now taking decisions in life will be a bit more easier, as atleast I know in which direction to think. It’s extremely important to identify a goal before achieving it.”
Viraj Chandra
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Action steps for signing up
1. Take your time to fill out the responses. Consider your overall observations about yourself, rather than momentary feelings or thoughts.
2. Some of the questions may look repetitive, but they serve different purposes. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.
3. If you feel that neither of the options provided accurately describe you choose the one that most accurately represents you more often.
4. Complete this assessment within 25-30 minutes , and be sure to take your time, as you can only complete it once!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. This assessment is not like any other career profiling assessment - where you are given a list of “top 3 careers for you”. We believe in enabling our users with the right tools to make the best-fit decision yourself. This assessment is going to help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, along with the needs and fears at your workplace. The suggestion and recommendation are to help you take your career decision yourself!

Incorrect! The test is adaptive. The questions asked are only according to your responses. Our system will try to understand you better with each question. The report is created considering all your answers, and is hence highly personalized!

This assessment is made using Psychometric principles of the Holland Code as well as the Enneagram Theory.

The assumption is simple - each answer submitted is given with utmost honesty and truth. Over time we have observed a bias among those who use this tool. People often select the option that seems the most “ideal” instead of truly thinking how they would react in the situation presented to them. It often confuses our system and it then asks you few questions twice to cross check!

The assessment lets you! We have put breaks in between the questions and it will indicate you the points after which you won't be able to change the answers. Be attentive

Unfortunately, we are building the technology to measure your growth and implementation of recommendations. Once submitted, the assessment cannot be given again. If you think that the report is not aligned to you and you want to change some answers, please write to us at
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