Successful Career is a journey, not a destination. Let us travel together.

MyWays, a venture started by IIT Delhi alumni, aims to empower college students and freshers through AI based Adaptive, Practical and Mentored Pre-Career Experiences. We are building a Career Growth Platform to foster Introspection, Information and Interaction to enable holistic and comprehensive career journeys for today’s youth. Our core technology, The EPS - Employability Positioning System, acts as the GPS for Career Navigation. We truly believe that a successful career is a journey and not a destination and hence, believe in helping students become "Experienced Freshers". Join us !


Introducing Disruptive Innovations using Data-Driven Technologies to help users profess in their Professional and Personal Lives.


Help College Students and Professionals become well-informed and employable in their desired Careers by personalizing their journey and optimizing their career decisions


We follow our proprietary 3-I Model for successful Career Navigation:

Introspection :
Analyzing oneself and becoming more aware of strengths, weaknesses, interests and purpose
Information :
Becoming more aware of the options available and gaining practical knowledge through career exploration and upskilling.
Interaction :
Getting Mentorship from Industry Leaders and connecting with Employers as the final touchpoint to be sure of one's decision and push-start one's career.
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