*NEW* JavaScript Complete Grandmaster 2020. Ongoing updates.

*NEW* JavaScript Complete Grandmaster 2020. Ongoin

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June 7, 2021


What this course covers?JavaScript is the #1 scripting language of the web, where a lot of the dynamic and styled content is handled by JavaScript in the background. But before using this language to create dynamic websites, you need to have a firm grasp of how it works behind the scenes. By the end of this course, you'll be able to speak JavaScript by gaining an understanding of how the browser uses it, what variables, objects and functions are, what different data types there are and how to manipulate content on a website. We dig deeper and create our own dialog methods from scratch. We learn about the arrow syntax, Math. random() function, looping through objects and arrays, working with dates. We look at prototypes, JSEngines, the Execution Stack and a whole bunch more! Through practical examples, this course helps you understand JavaScript piece by piece. And we use the latest and best features of JavaScript along the way so you can stay ahead of the pack. The most important JavaScript course on Udemy Successful programmers know more than rote learning a few lines of JavaScript code. They also know the fundamentals of how the language works, its strength and weaknesses, and how the machine uses what they write to create amazing and functional websites. Iwant you to become a successful programming Grandmaster. Iwant you to be able to apply JavaScript to your webpage. This course is perfect for you. DescriptionHi there, my name is Clyde and together were going to discover JavaScript and apply it to practical situations. We're going to practice and learn and emerge confident to tackle any challenges modern programs and websites throw at us. After completing a few (unrelated) university degrees, and post grad studies, I developed a fascination for web design and software languages. For several years I have immersed myself in this. I spent a fair bit on top courses and went on to apply the knowledge practically. I recognized gaps in some of the courses Ive taken and hence my course teaches what I wish I was taught. My intention is to share the knowledge with you in an easy to follow manner, so that we can benefit together. You benefit form learning, and I from sharing in your success. This course is for beginners and for intermediates. If you know the basics, you may want to skip the first few sections. Download all course contentIallow you to download all my course content to your computer for offline access.I remember how important this was to me when I was first starting out. Enjoy! We dig deeperYou wont just learn a few pieces of code, you will also learn the fundamentals of programming itself. This is important as all programming languages are built from the same foundation. Learning core concepts of JavaScript will put you on the path of becoming an Grandmaster programmer in any language. You will learn "why" things work and not just "how". Understanding the fundamentals of JavaScript is important as it will allow you to write more complicated code. And trust me, every programming encounters bugs, and without understanding the fundamentals you will be totally lost. Practice makes perfectTheory is theory but theres nothing like getting behind your computer and typing in code. Thats why we will be coding, laughing and pulling out our hair together as we code real life websites and exercises during this course. Is this course for you?If you fit in any of these categories then this course is perfect for you: Student #1: You want to dabble in the world of programming: learning the fundamentals of JavaScript will allow you to extend this knowledge to any languageStudent #2: You want to gain a deep understanding of JavaScript, the worlds most popular scripting languageStudent #3: You want to start using frameworks like Angular or Node. js, which are heavily dependent on JavaScriptStudent #4: You kinda know what JavaScript is, but have little knowledge about how it works behind the scenes, and how to practically implement it in your codeStudent #5: You have taken other courses in JavaScript but just dont feel like youve grasped itWhat do you get? Lifetime access to all tutorial videos. No fees or monthly subscriptions. Watch videos offline by being able to download them. Many courses don't allow this, but I do as I know how useful it can be. Q & A support. Quizzes and challenges to help you learn. Let's get excited about becoming a professional in JavaScript, and to be able to confidently apply it to your website. See you in class.

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