Be a Java professional. Let's implement a database server.

Be a Java professional. Let's implement a database

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June 7, 2021


Hi, welcome to my training. This training will be an interesting journey, in which we will develop a database server together, which can store data by schema, can index the data and of course we can run different searches in database. We will perform many refactoring as the we add more and more features to the server (unit tests helps in refactoring) and our architecture will be more and more mature. We will code, debug and figure out some solutions together, so I hope this will be an interesting journey for you too. Why is this training material useful? If you know the Java language basics, if you can create projects with an IDE, thenas Junior java programmer it is always good to participate in a bigger project, create a complex project with help. This training will help improving your programming skill, you will learn Java language better. What we will do together? we will start with basic file operations-develop a server which can store only a person related data-refactor the server to be a generic one-write test application for server- use a web server to open the servers API via rest- create a multi threaded client for stress testing the server- check the code coverage, we try to achieve better coverageAt the end the Database project will provide many possibilities to make the server even better, so after the training you can still work/exercise with the help of the project. Im going to add more and more chapters to the training, I will develop further the database, so you can continuously check the training material for new chapters. At the end of the course, students will have a great experience in handling complex projects, create and monitor applications regarding memory and CPU usage and they gain an important ability: routine in creation and handling complex projects.

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