React Tutorial and Projects Course

React Tutorial and Projects Course

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June 7, 2021


React was released by Facebook's web development team in 2013 as a view library. React is one of the best choices for building modern web applications. React has a slim API, a robust and evolving ecosystem and a great community. In this course we will be learning React by creating various projects. If you want to learn more than just same old tutorial and instead create interesting projects using React. js this course is for you. All Project Intros are available for preview. Project Nr 1 - Person List ProjectProject Nr 2 - City Tours ProjectProject Nr 3 - React To Do ProjectProject Nr 4 - Beachwalk Resort ProjectProject Nr 5 - Tech Store E-commerce ProjectREACTHOOKSPROJECTSProject Nr 6 - Budget Calculator ProjectProject Nr 7 - CocktailDB API ProjectProject Nr 8 - VintageTech ProjectREDUXPROJECTSProject Nr 9 - Counter/Tutorial Project

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