Learn Linux The Easy Way

Learn Linux The Easy Way

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June 7, 2021


This course is for those who are absolute beginner to the Linux Operating system OR those who know few basics of Linux but want to learn more advanced commands. You will learn below topics in this course: What is an operating SystemWhat are the Components of an Operating systemWhat is KernelBrief History about LinuxWhat is a Free software / Free Operating systemWhat is GNU and GPLFeatures of Linux What is mean by Linux FlavorWhat is CentOS and RedhatLinux directory structureInstall CentOS on Virtual BoxWhat is a ShellHow to access a shellHow to use Linux CommandsBasics Linux Commands like list, change, view, rename, copy and remove Directories and filesTab auto completionVi EditorDifferent types of links and how to create, remove linksSwitch userWhat is Sudo user and how it is configuredCreate user, group and set passwordVariablesSearching for files and directoriesWild CardsFile Permissions, Different ways of setting file permissionsI/O RedirectionPipe RedirectionHow to use Grep, Pipe, I/O togetherlist processes and Kill ProcessesRun Processes in back ground System management commands like view disk usage, Physical Memory, CPU information, system run time, Kernel Version and Reboot/Shutdown Remote LoginNetwork copyingInstall/Uninstall RPMPackages

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