Linux Technical Interview Questions and Answers

Linux Technical Interview Questions and Answers

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June 7, 2021


Do you have all the Linux skills to qualify for the job but not getting much luck in the interview? Are you starting out a new career in Linux or IT and need help in interview?Are you looking for all the tools and tips as to how to ACE technical interview?If you answer is YESto any of the above questions then you have reached the right course. I will help you guide through how to overcome some technical interview hurdles. Welcome to theLinux Technical interview Questions and Answers 2020 where you are going to dominate theLinux Technical job interview. Take the course, learn the material and go into technical interview with a confidence that you are prepared! Get an edge over other candidates that did not take the time to learn technical interview skills. Become one of my dozens of students that successfully took the course and secured a job. This course has beenexpertly craftedto make sure that yourapidly improveyour Linux interview skills, Turbocharge your productivityandBoost your careerwithno time wastingandno useless fluff. Here is some testimonials from our students:=========================TESTIMONIALS==============================="Very very useful Thanks " -Ambadas Bhagat "I enrolled in this course having some familiarity with Linux but not much. Content was very well presented and documented for beginners and for those who are little bit familiar with the Linux. It covers almost all aspects of Linux. I am fully satisfied. " -Peter Lucic"Great. This course gives me a lot of knowledge on Linux. It helps my work a lot. Thank you". -Le Hoang Son -Michele Berardi -Bo Liu -Gail Edmondson -Pooja Babu -Latenis Dent There is no reason for you to study Linux for months and years and not succeed in securing a job because of a Technical Interview. Linux system Troubleshooting - Part 11- How to view all messages generated by the system since the last reboot on RHEL7/CentOS 7?2- How to check logmessages related to kernel?3- How can you continuously monitor logs as they come in?4- Where can you find messages related to the installation of Linux?5- Where are most of the log files located?Linux system Troubleshooting - Part 2Kernel Parameters - Ulimit6- To improve performance, how can you safely set the limit of processes for the super-user root to be unlimited?7- Where can you set the resource limits for users logged in via PAM?8- How to check ulimit for a user?9- How to check and increase the limit of opened files in Linux?10- How to view run time kernel parameters?11- How to change runtime kernel parameter for maximumshared segmentsize in bytes?12- How to view Boot time parameters and which file is modified tochange these parameters?Linux system Troubleshooting - Part 3Troubleshooting with uptimelsof pidof sar and more13- How to check system load without top command?14- By default load average is shown in how many intervals?15- How can you get the physical and virtual memory statistics?16- How to check cpu utilization and other statistics?17- How to find process id of a process and kill it immediatley?18- How to list all open files by specified user?19- How to list all open files by specified command?20- How can you list all network connections by port 22?Advanced Linux system administrations questions and answers:1- Run a command that shows all lines except any lines starting with the a character "#" in a file?2- How can you continuously monitor log files for errors?3- How to automatically remove files older than 7 days by creating a cron job to run every night?4- How to list/print all created users on the system and send(redirect) them to a file?5- How would you list only the 2nd column from a file?6- How to broadcast a message to all logged -in users?7- How to create a user with no login access?8- How to schedule a server reboot in 15 minutes?9- How to find disk usage by the largest directories?10- How to prevent users from deleting other users files in a directory?11- How to display 10th line of a file only?12- Your server got hacked. Due to the amount of damage, the whole server needs to be restored. How would you go about doing that?13- What necessary steps should be taken to enhance the security of a server after the initial install?14- Which file is the most commonly known to check for log messages?15- How and why to disable ping?16- Explain the different fields in /etc/passwd?17- Which cammand can tell how long the system has been running?18- How to check if a port is listening?19- You got a ticket stating server is down, how would you troubleshoot?20- How to find all files in /bin with specified(755) permissions?Part 2:1- What is the default port & configuration file of SSH Server? 2- How to change the default ssh port in linux? 3- How to change Maximum allowed sessions through SSH?4- What is the configuration file of ssh client? 5- How to disable SSH root login in linux server? 6- How to allow only specific users to ssh your linux server? 7- SCP and how its used?8- How to check SSH servers Version? 9- How to setup password less ssh authentication in Linux?Part 3:1- How t

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