React Native simply explained

React Native simply explained

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June 7, 2021


This course is for absolute beginners to mobile development and react native in specific. You will learn what is react native and how it works usingvisual funcontext. you will confidently start your development journey and master react native faster with all the fundamentals set in place."Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." that's what Abraham Lincoln the president of the United States said. preparing is the key to master everything. before you start chopping, you should prepare your axe. In your React Native journey you shouldn't jump into coding and syntax without digging into React Native truth. at least you should be able to answer two fundamental questions before you write down any line of code. The first is: What Is React Native?The second is: How does React Native work?There will be no coding or syntax lectures in this course, this will be your reference startingpointtoreact native. Lightweightfast introductory summary before you start your coding journey. You will learn new fundamentalconceptsandyou might want to come back and revisit this course from time to timeduring your development journey. In this course: You will learn about the mobile development ecosystem, what are your mobile development availableoptions, how they differand where does React Native belong, here you will find out if React Native it is what you need. You will learn the React theory, what react is, why Facebook team built it and what it does. You will learn React/React JSand React Nativerelationship. You will learn react components nature and their behavior. You will learn how to create react components and related terminologies like (JSX, Babel and ES6). You will learn what is declarative react.

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