The Inner workings of the Browser for JavaScript & Web devs

The Inner workings of the Browser for JavaScript &

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June 7, 2021


Browser is a complex piece of software. It usesvarious parsers like HTML parser, CSS parser, rendering engine, events manager and JavaScript compiler to get the job done. To make thesecomplex concepts simple and interesting, I use a lot of animations, and graphics. FurtherI go over 7use cases with real codeto show how all these things work! If you understand how all these work, you'll be able to think like JavaScript compiler or any of these parsers and you'll be able to handle difficult and confusing concepts in JS very easily. Further, this willgive youa solid foundation and anapproachto learning technologymore holistically. You'll learn: Modeling, DOM and HTML parserCSS, CSS Parser and CSSOMRendering Engine, Painting and Render TreeDOM APIs and the "document" objectBOM APIs and the "window" objectTwo example use casesJavaScript and JavaScript compilerAn example use case with JS compilerAdding Interactivity to the browser via JavaScriptEventsA button click use case example showing JS eventsA browser resize use case example showing JS eventsDependencies between parsers and best practicesSynchronous and Asynchronous functionsSummary

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