Build IOT Apps using Raspberry Pi, AspNet Core and SignalR

Build IOT Apps using Raspberry Pi, AspNet Core and

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June 7, 2021


This course will teach you how to set up a Raspberry Pi 3 IOT Board with its Linux OS and dotnet core runtime environmentYou are then going to learn how todevelop dotnet core console, and web applications for raspberry pi. You will learn how to deploy console, aspnetcore webapi andmvc apps on aRaspberry board in order to controlappliances connected toand read sensor values from the Raspberry Board. You will be able to send requests to the webapi end points on the raspberry pi and learn how to control of appliances or read sensor values over the internet. You will also learn how to developapps utilizingtwo-way communication, for which we'll be usingWebSocket mode of SignalR Core technologies which will enable us carry out real time interfacing with the outside world. To that end, you will learn how to push data from raspberry pi to a server in the cloud.

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