Linux Command Line Interface and BASH Scripting

Linux Command Line Interface and BASH Scripting

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June 7, 2021


This capsule is aimed to getyou comfortable with the Linux Operating System, Linux Command Line and BASH Scripting. in just under 3 hours! Linux is one of the most powerful operating systems out-there. Powering 80% of financial trades as well as 90% of super-computers - It is a MUSTknow in today's fast growing information technology world. BASHis the command language interpreter(CLI) for the Linuxoperating system. This is the tool that interpretsyour commands to the Linux operating system. BASHScriptis a file that contains a set ofcommands thattells the computer what to do, using a certain logic. This helps you to automate tasks on yourLinux machine as well as create custom scripts for a variety of different usages.

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