Microsoft 70-481: Essentials of Developing Windows Store.

Microsoft 70-481: Essentials of Developing Windows

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June 7, 2021


Our Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript course provides developers with the knowledge and decision making skills for utilizing HTML and JavaScript to design and develop Windows Store apps. This course provides credit towards the MCSD certification. This course is designed for developers with at least two to five years of experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. We also recommend that this experience include one or more years developing applications that meet the Windows Store app guidelines. The primary objectives of this course include: Designing UI layout and structureDesigning for separation of concernsDesigning and implementing Process Lifetime Management (PLM)Planning for application deploymentAccessing and displaying contactsDesigning for charms and contractsImplementing searchImplementing Share in an appManaging application settingsImplementing WinJS controlsImplementing HTML5 layout controlsCreating layout-aware apps to handle view statesDesigning and implementing the app barApplying CSSManaging input devicesDesigning and implementing navigation in appsCreating and managing tilesNotifying users by using toastChoosing a data access strategyRetrieving data remotelyImplementing data bindingManaging Windows Authentication and AuthorizationManaging web authentication

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