Build a free and complete Linux learning environment

Build a free and complete Linux learning environme

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June 7, 2021


The Build a free and complete Linux learning environment course is designed for Linux beginners who need a practice environment and intermediate users who want to study more advanced topics. In this course we will: Install VirtualBox on Windows, OS X and Linux. In the process you will get familiar with terms like Host OS and Guest OS. Install Debian Server, CentOS Server and Ubuntu Desktop. You will learn to install the most adopted Linux distributions in the world. Learn fundamental Linux concepts and commands. Configure the Internet connection for all guest Operating Systems. You will learn both the VirtualBox configuration part and the Linux configuration part. You will understand the difference between a NAT and a Bridged connection. Configure the management interfaces for Debian and CentOS. You will learn how to access the machine via a separate terminal session, get familiar with Putty and SSH. Configure a new interface for every machine so you can communicate from any Guest OS to any Guest. In the process you will learn about Linux network configuration files. Lear to install and perform a basic configuration on the most common Linux servers. You will find attached files with all download links and all settings used in the Virtual Machines. The Lab should be up & running in about 6 hours, including download and OS install time. By the end of the course you will have a complete Linux Lab and new Linux skills!

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