Learn Manual + Unix/ShellScript + MySQL for Complete Testing

Learn Manual + Unix/ShellScript + MySQL for Comple

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June 7, 2021


This course is for Testing profile candidate who wanted to build there career intoTesting. So I have designed this course so they can start with All kinds ofbasic testing concepts to testing. All the students who wantedto move into testing domainshould take this course and go through the complete tutorials. I have included the material whichis needed for testing profile and ithas all the necessary contents which is required for learning Testing, MySQL, Unix etc. It will give the detailed information for different basic concepts which is needed by the tester to move into bigger umbrella i.e. BiggerTesting Arena. This course is well structured with all elements of Basic Testing Concepts, MySQL, Unixin detailed manner separated by different topics. Students should take this course who wanted to learn testing from scratch.

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