Visual Studio Mastery with C# - Double Your Productivity

Visual Studio Mastery with C# - Double Your Produc

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June 7, 2021


In this course you will learn tips and tricks to increase your productivity and double yourcoding speed with Visual Studio! Throughout the course, in the bottom right part of the screen you will be able to see my keyboard at all times and see exactly what and how Iam pressing when I show you shortcuts or tricks. So not only am I going to explain them to you, you will actually beable to see exactly what I am doing. Since my keyboard is RGB, whenever Ipress a key it will light up and you will see exactly what is going on! Over 60 shortcuts and tips compiled in a PDF cheatsheet that you can download, print and have it by your side at all times to quickly find a shortcut that you are not yet used to use. Before you proceed, Iwant you to have the right expectations from the course! The course will not magically transform you in a speed coding guru! You have to practice and implement the shortcuts that you feel would be helpful to you into your coding habits (this is where the cheatsheet comes into play). Only then the full effect of the discussed material will be allowed to shine and increase your productivity and speed. The course is aimed at students that want to get more familiar with the Visual Studio Software and/or want to become more productive and write code faster. The only coding in the course is when we create our snippets (which is done in XML and thats extremely easy!), so even coding beginners will manage to complete the course! The topics that we are covering are: Navigating and Selecting - you will learn various ways and shortcuts that will help you quickly navigate through your code in your current file, find code in other files, select portions of code quickly and so much moreCode Editing - different ways to efficiently cut or copy your code, undo mistakes, correctly format the spacings in your code (automatically), quickly rename a variable with just 2 clicks and moreDifferent Ways to Comment Code - you will learn a cool trick to turn on/off parts of your code with commentsor alternate between two versions of code, with just 1 clickManaging Your Workspace - distraction free mode, multiple coding windows and moreDebugging Efficiently - correctly run your code without the need of "Console. ReadLine();"at the end to hold the Console window, debug your code efficiently with breakpoints and their special derivatives like Conditional Breakpoints and Actions BreakpointsSnippets - this is the one single thing that will let you highly customize Visual Studio to your specific needs and marginally increase your productivity and speedStylecop - a tool developed by Microsoft for developers to easily check your code for any styling mistakes, increases the quality of your codeFor me the highlight of the course is the Snippets section, as this is one of the things that let you highly customize your coding experience and tailor it to your specific needs. There are tons and tons of tutorials on Youtube and other websites, so why would you have to pay for this course?The answer is very simple, in this course you will getevery single lecturesystemizedin such way, that it ensuressmooth transitionbetween the previous and the following topic. Guaranteeing great learning experience. There are no stones left unturned, everything is explained in great detail(but not too much, that would be boring: ))The video lectures in the course are produced with thehighest possible audio and video quality. No static noises to disturb you while you watch the videos, no blurry images, everything is crystal clear with crisp audio!

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