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Full Stack Development Internship in Bangalore at Ensemble Control Incorporation

Ensemble Control Incorporation

8000 - 8000



Job Description

Ensemble Control is looking to hire full-stack developers with significant expertise in app and web development using Django and React Native. Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Implement microservices on AWS Lambda using the Django Rest framework 2. Help in the evolution of an existing system to meet new business requirements 3. Handle various technical aspects like coding of modules using the given design specifications 4. Work on debugging and fixing the defects as well as analyzing their root cause 5. Work on deployment (in AWS) and monitoring of the live project 6. Work on new features design keeping user experience at the center 7. Work on data pipeline improvements 8. Work on architectural improvements 9. Work on API integrations Requirements: 1. Knowledge of SQL, Firebase, and Celery 2. Expert in Python and Django web development frameworks and React Native 3. Proven experience working with all layers of application development 4. Comfortable working with open-source technologies 5. Understanding of payment processing with Stripe and/or RazorPay 6. Strong knowledge and understanding of algorithms (hashing, key-value storage), core engineering concepts, principles, and technical capabilities to effectively contribute to a variety 7. Familiar with various design and architectural patterns including concurrency patterns 8. Experience implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests

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