WordPress Development Internship in Navi Mumbai at Growki


10000 - 10000



Job Description

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:- 1. Meeting with clients to discuss website design and function. 2. Designing and building the website front-end. 3. Creating the website architecture. 4. Designing and managing the website back-end including database and server integration. 5. Generating WordPress themes and plugins. 6. Conducting website performance tests. 7. Troubleshooting content issues. 8. Conducting WordPress training with the client. 9. Monitoring the performance of the live website. WordPress Developer Requirements:- 1. Bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar field. 2. Proven work experience as a WordPress developer. 3. Knowledge of front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery. 4. Knowledge of code versioning tools including Git, Mercurial, and SVN. 5. Experience working with debugging tools such as Chrome Inspector and Firebug. 6. Good understanding of website architecture and aesthetics. 7. Ability to manage projects. 8. Good communication skills.

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