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2000 - 2000


Work From Home

Job Description

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Collaborate with various departments to gather requirements and implement customizations within the Bitrix24 platform. This includes creating custom fields, forms, workflows, and business processes to streamline operations 2. Design, develop, and maintain custom modules and applications using Bitrix24's API and development framework. These modules may include CRM enhancements, communication tools, task automation, and integrations with third-party services 3. Oversee data migration and synchronization processes to ensure seamless integration of existing systems with Bitrix24. Maintain data integrity and troubleshoot data-related issues 4. Provide training sessions to end-users on Bitrix24 functionalities, ensuring they can effectively utilize the platform to enhance productivity. Offer technical support and address user inquiries promptly 5. Identify opportunities to integrate Bitrix24 with other software solutions, both internal and external, to optimize workflows and data exchange. Implement automation workflows to improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks 6. Implement security best practices and ensure Bitrix24 configurations adhere to relevant data protection and privacy regulations 7. Monitor for any bugs or system issues, troubleshoot, and implement fixes. Keep abreast of Bitrix24 updates and perform platform upgrades as needed Requirements: 1. Technical Expertise: Strong knowledge of Bitrix24 APIs, web technologies, and programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS 2. Bitrix24 Certification: Hold relevant Bitrix24 certifications, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the platform's features and capabilities

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