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Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Designing, developing, and debugging web/mobile applications 2. Working with the team to manage, optimize, and customize multiple web/mobile applications 3. Creating and maintaining technical documentation Requirements: 1. Should have a strong base in HTML, CSS3, JS 2. Should have a good understanding and prior experience in Tailwind CSS 3. Must have a strong learning attitude 4. Should know how to google search effectively 5. Basic understanding of Git/GitHub 6. Basic understanding of Web Frameworks such as Nextjs/Reactjs Additional information: 1. Gain real-life experience in software development 2. Learn how to write production-ready code 3. Get hands-on experience with the latest frameworks/technologies such as Astro, Sveltekit, Nextjs, and much more 4. Learn how to systematically manage tasks and collaborate in a team

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