Ravikant Dabi
WordPress Development Internship in Delhi at Ravikant Dabi

Ravikant Dabi

4500 - 4500



Job Description

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Assist in WordPress website development and maintenance 2. Customize and modify WordPress themes and plugins as needed 3. Collaborate with the design team to implement website changes 4. Perform website updates, including content and multimedia uploads 5. Troubleshoot and resolve website issues 6. Keep up-to-date with WordPress and web development trends 7. Communicate progress and updates to the team Requirements: 1. Hands-on experience in WordPress, Canva, HTML, Java, and SQL. 2. Ideal candidate, preferably a final-year student, can manage site updates, maintain SQL database, and potentially receive pre-placement offers 3. Emphasis would be given on Cyber Law knowledge during interviews

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