Full Stack Development work from home job/internship at Avinyaz.com


6000 - 6000


Work From Home

Job Description

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Developing and optimizing our cutting-edge applications, ensuring seamless user experiences and robust functionality 2. Collaborating with our cross-functional team to design, develop, and maintain web applications, APIs, and microservices using modern technologies and best practices 3. Leading the implementation and integration of language model-based learning (LLM) into our existing systems, enhancing their capabilities and providing advanced language processing features 4. Creating responsive and user-friendly front-end interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern front-end frameworks to deliver an intuitive user experience 5. Designing and developing scalable back-end services, databases, and APIs to support seamless data flow and efficient application performance Requirements: 1. A positive attitude to learning and implementing new concepts 2. A result-oriented approach willing to try out multiple options and discuss and select the best one 3. Willing to work in a fast-paced startup environment. 4. Expertise in the implementation and integration of language model-based learning (LLM) in our software systems

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