Linux Raw Socket Output In Python

Linux Raw Socket Output In Python

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June 7, 2021


Linux Raw Socket OutputAt This Course We Gonna Learn How To Build And Construct AFully Ip Raw Packet Header And Its PayloadWe Will Look Deeply Behind The Scenes And UnderstandHow And Why Values Represent As They Are From Time To Time You Will Need ToPut An Binary Glasses Through The Course We Will See The Things In Another Point Of View And Get From It Tools Which Will ProvideAdditional Knowledge To The Following Subjects: Sniffers, Manipulation Packet Programs, Scanning Tools, Analyze PacketsWe Will Learn How The Checksum Algorithm In Binary Work And How To Handle Successfully With The Binary Addition, WeWillPrepareOurIPHeaderValuesAndTcpHeaderValuesForTheIP & TCPChecksum AlgorithmInBinaryAndVerifyItsResultThrough: HexaCalc, ManuallyBinaryCalc, TheDataWeCapturedThrough WiresharkSnifferAs We Sent Our Raw Packet We Construct. We WillUse Lot Of Internal Methods And Its Functions On The HeaderValues For Each Layer Construction Which Will Calculate, Convert, Store, Prepare, DoSpecial Actions. We WillGet Into The Root Of The Construction And Some OfTheConceptions We FamiliarWith. EventuallyThrough The Code StructureAndItsProcedureWeWill GetExerciseAnd ExperienceAbout, AtThe End Its Purpose ToSimplifyOurUnderstandingAnd Supply AdditionalTools.

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