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1. Evaluate your Applicants with Zero Stress 😣We shortlist candidates based on resume and evaluation tests to conduct personalized interviews for your hiring.
2. Shortlist Resumes for any Skill 🎯Save hours of manual effort with the help of AI. Simply upload resumes & shortlist top resumes based on required skills and qualifications.
3. Discover Linkedin Talent 🔍Exclusive access to targeted Linkedin talent. Sort the list based on your requirements of ANY location or experience, get detailed insights and connect with the ones you wish to hire.
Ideal Solution for every use-caseDiscover the limitless possibilities of taking data-driven hiring decisions
Analyse ProfilesUncover deep insights about any candidate by analysing their Resume, Linkedin and Linkedin Activity
Set Interview PriorityKnow which candidates to Interview first based on Evaluation Assessment and Resume Match Scores.
Skill-Based HiringIdentify candidates with the right talent for specific skills and roles with efficient resume ranking.
Source ProfilesSource Profiles for any role with advanced filters to find the right talent for you.
Interview Any RoleSchedule GPT-powered Interviews for any technical or non-technical role.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Evaluation Tool allows you to share job requirements and candidate details. It utilizes advanced GPT technology to instantly rank all students based on their resume and additional data. The tool also schedules GPT-powered Evaluation Assessments and Interviews to provide you with more data and robust screening.

Yes, we take data security seriously. We employ Industry-standard Encryption and follow best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

There is no charge or fee to be paid upfront with Resume Ranker, Talent Pool and Evaluation Tool.

Absolutely! The Hiring Tools are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow. It can be easily customized to match your specific hiring requirements and can assist you in taking better hiring decisions at every step of the process.

Yes, the Resume Ranker provides comprehensive details for each candidate, including their name, email, mobile number, experience count, project count, LinkedIn link, college name, graduation year, and additional links. This information can be exported to allow you to make informed decisions during the screening process.

Absolutely! The Resume Ranker can be tailored to your specific job roles and skill requirements. You can set different skill criteria for each position, ensuring that the ranking aligns with your hiring needs.

Absolutely! Our tools are designed to be flexible and customizable to meet your unique hiring needs. You can define your evaluation criteria and tailor them according to your specific requirements.

Our AI-powered Resume Ranker utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze resumes based on predefined criteria. While it significantly reduces manual effort and improves efficiency, we recommend using it as a screening tool, and conducting thorough interviews and assessments to make final hiring decisions.

If the selected resumes are not in the zip format, use the online converter available on our website to convert them into a zip file. After the conversion is complete, download the zip file to your device. Return to the website and upload the Zip File in the "Click to Upload CV " Option. Once the upload is complete, you can proceed with further steps or actions as directed on the website.

The Talent Pool enables you to evaluate candidates efficiently by providing access to their evaluation reports and feedback. It also allows you to search for candidates based on specific roles, this saves time and ensures a streamlined hiring process, allowing you to focus on the most qualified individuals for your team.

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